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Baby Alive Party Baby


Baby Alive Baby Doll is turning one year old and is having a party to celebrate! This iconic Little Baby Doll will drink and wet her diaper just like a real baby. Give her a drink from her sippy cup, and soon you will need to change her diaper before she can attend her birthday party. Once she is all cleaned up, the Baby Party Doll can get dressed in her special birthday outfit. Her tee shirt features a whimsical screen print with the number "1" and features a bright pink tutu at the waist. This blue-eyed Little Baby Doll is also adorned with a headband, but she will need you to put her party hat on her when it's time for her to celebrate. She also comes with a noise maker -- place the noise maker into her mouth, squeeze her tummy, and watch the baby blow the noise maker on her own. This Baby Alive Baby Doll is a fun way for children to act like a mommy or daddy and get the baby ready for her first birthday.
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